Who I Am

An experienced team leader in UX, technology, and design. I had my first computer in 1979. I studied architecture, then interactive media at NYU’s ITP. Recently, I wrote a novel. Learn more of my story, or contact me.

  • YourDay iPad
  • Tailgate Fan
  • SpotDash
  • YourDay iPhone
  • Audio Roadshow Android

CBS Mobile Products

UX and design management

  • YourDay, news, weather, and sports on the go
  • Tailgate Fan, for the ultimate tailgater
  • SpotDash, scavenger hunts across major US cities
  • Audio Roadshow, sports fans get their say
  • radio

Responsive web and mobile app

Streaming live and exclusive music, news, and sports stations online.

Download the app for iPad and iPhone
  • konsonant_homepage


Music licensing application is the home of indie music, centered around a custom music licensing app that includes a custom admin UI and site usage reports.

  • elPais

El País iPad

Update to the premier news app for Spanish media, El País.

  • healthcare

Health tracking

Responsive web

Novartis’ Get on Track is a custom-built tracker application for patients to collect blood pressure data, find useful tips for fighting hypertension, and join in with BP Buddies to remember to keep healthy.

  • balingWire

Baling Wire

A novel

The story of two boys in the wilds of Oklahoma, the airplane they fly, and the old Indian architect who changes their lives.

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